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Biomechanics education in Netlandia -- Interesting ...

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  • Biomechanics education in Netlandia -- Interesting ...

    Dear Biomch-L readers,

    Having been approached recently about student involvement on Biomch-L,
    and following a recent "Thank you" posting after a student's Call for
    Help, I think that the item below warrants consideration.

    Received: Fri, 8 May 92 14:25 MET
    Date: Fri, 8 May 1992 08:03:42 EDT
    From: Urban Lejeune
    Subject: Internet Course
    Sender: Research news from Temple University

    This request is being posted to several lists so please excuse
    the redundancy.

    I am sponsoring several student independent studies this
    summer. They vary around a theme such as "Telecommunications
    Research for the Humanities", with Humanities being changed to
    Criminal Justice, Physics, etc to meet the needs of the students.
    I plan on conducting the entire course via e-mail and the
    students use of Internet facilities. I'll mimic a discussion
    group in keeping things moving encouraging them to communicate
    with the entire list either with or without moderator (teacher).
    After getting a workout on basic operations, ARCHIE, FTP,
    LISTSERV and the like I will send them on the search for the
    holly grail in each of their specialization. Additionally, I will
    require that they keep a daily journal - with observations,
    problems and the like - and send it to me each Friday. I will
    distribute an edited compendium by the following Monday.

    My reason for doing these courses is several fold. First to
    give the students real exposure to all of Internet, not just
    e-mail. Secondly, and selfishly, my school is relatively new with
    Internet and most of the faculty/staff either don't use the
    facilities (I had actually typed fatalities) or have given up in
    frustration. The final project for each student will be a
    compendium of resources available in a specific discipline. My
    longer term goal is to be able to hand an interested faculty
    member a binder containing two parts, generic Internet
    information, and discipline specific intelligence.

    I would truly appreciate your help with any suggestions for
    inclusion into the approach either in general or with specific
    questions or problems. If you had your very own research
    assistant to ferret out Internet accessible information what
    would you have that person do?

    Thanks in advance.


    Urban A. LeJeune
    Department of Computer Science W2DEC
    Stockton State College FAX 609-652-4858
    Pomona, NJ 08087 Voice 609-652-4477 Home 609-296-5856