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Variability measures

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  • Variability measures

    To Biomech subscribers-
    I am posting this through a colleague's subscription to the biomech listserver. Please direct your responses to me rather than Robin. My email address is
    I am hoping that someone can direct me to some references.
    I am currently in the process of completing a dissertation proposal examining sensory cues and gait initiation in person's with Parkinson's disease. The dependent measures that I am planning to use include temporal measures (reaction time, movement time), kinematic measures (extent and velocity of movement), and kinetic measures (COP magnitude and direction).

    My questions are as follows:

    1) I am interested in using the variability of the dependent measures as additional dependent variables. I am considering the use of Variable Error as a measure of variability but have been unable to find any references supporting or arguing against its use (or the use of any other measure of variability). Does anyone have experience using these measures or know of literature support for VE as a valid and reliable measure? Any input is appreciated!

    2) There seems to be little published regarding the validity and reliability of using these measures in a neurologically impaired population (or maybe I'm looking in the wrong places). Can anyone direct me to any literature regarding the psychometric properties of these measures (the temporal, kinematic, and kinetic measures)?

    Thanks in advance for any input. I will post a summary of responses.

    Lee Dibble
    University of Utah Division of Physical Therapy

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