A graduate teaching assistantship recently became available for the
1998-1999 academic year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This
position provides the opportunity to study and conduct research on lower
limb mechanics and motor control in a well-equipped research laboratory
at a highly respected research institution.

Further information regarding our graduate and research program can be
viewed at: http://www.soemadison.wisc.edu/kinesiology/

Further information about UW-Madison can be viewed at:

Interested students should contact:
Kreg Gruben, Ph.D.
Biomechanics Research Lab
Departments of Kinesiology, Biomedical Engineering, and Mechanical
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI, USA 53706-1189
email: gruben@soemadison.wisc.edu
FAX: (608) 262-1656
Phone: (608) 262-2711

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