Dear Biomch-L subscribers,

The following have been added to the web site of the
International Society of Biomechanics:

o New version of SPACELIB, a software library for 3-D multibody
dynamics. The new version includes C and Matlab versions
of all functions. Contributed by Giovanni Legnani (University
of Brescia).

o Matlab software for posturography: Stabilogram Diffusion Analysis
as described by J.J. Collins. Contributed by Andrea Stamp
(Boston University).

o Kinesiological database for cutting movements, including
EMG, 3-D forces and kinematics for two movements in ten
subjects. Contributed by Rick Neptune (University of Calgary).

The following pages are updated frequently:

o Conference announcements

o Employment opportunities

o Resume postinge

If you are experiencing problems reaching the web server,
try instead. Please let me
know if only one of the two addresses works! If both do not work,
just wait and try again later. Your name server may be down.

-- Ton van den Bogert
ISB informatics officer

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