Dear BIOMCH-L Community,

I ask your help and advice because I am in a kind of hurry and not sure
whether I can get all the necessary information by myself in time:

We have to make specifications for impact experiments on specimens of
FOAMED ALUMINIUM which is intended to be used as an energy absorbing
material for passenger protection in automotive engineering.

To achieve this I want to perform some computer simulations with an
already available program which can simulate impacts on (mesoscopically
inhomogeneous) metallic foams.

Now I want to extend my program to calculate not only mechanical quantities
like force on the impacting body, acceleration etc. but also physiological
quantities given by INJURY CRITERIA I ask you to point out to me !
I am aware of the HIC (also from browsing the biomch-l archives I got the
impression that it is kind of tricky to calculate) but I am sure that there
are more criteria I kindly ask you to point out to me !

Thanks very much in advance,
Thomas Daxner

Thomas DAXNER e-Mail:
Institute of Light Weight Structures (E317) Tel.: +43 1 58801 3686
Technical University of Vienna / Austria Fax: +43 1 505 44 68
A-1040 Wien, Gusshausstrasse 27-29

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