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Measuring balance in people with knee osteoarthritis

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  • Measuring balance in people with knee osteoarthritis

    I am currently planning a study which will involve a measure of balance,
    among other things, in people with osteoarthritis of the knee. I had
    intended to use a Kistler force plate for postural sway measures. However,
    I am not confident of the reproducibility of this method. Consequently, I
    request advice as to the appropriateness of using the Kistler force plate
    or suggestions of alternative measures.

    I have access to a Metrecom Skeletal Analysis System (by FARO Medica
    Technologies). This system has had little use and I have identified
    minimal research involving its use. Should anyone have information or
    opinions on this system, I would appreciate a response.

    Fundamentally, my research aims to reduce the physical complications
    secondary to knee osteoarthritis, though exercise and physical activity.
    If anyone is interested in sharing some thoughts on this area, I am keen to
    discuss it.

    Thank you.

    Daina Sturnieks.

    Daina Sturnieks, Ba App Sc (Hons)
    Department of Human Biology and Movement Science
    RMIT University, Bundoora West Campus
    PO Box 71
    Victoria, 3083
    Ph. +61 3 9925 7682
    Fax +61 3 9467 8181

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