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    Dear Biomechanics,

    My name is Barbara Vadovicova and I study at University in
    Bratislava - Slovakia. Currently, I am working on my dissertation which
    is related to biomechanical analysis of double back somersaults in
    acrobatic rock and roll. In my research i have encountered difficulties
    finding enough information regarding biomechanical
    principles(coordination or synchronization of the movement between two
    bodies), involved in the preparation a phase of the acrobatic figure -
    movement, before one body is released into the air by the second body in
    order to complete the somersault. As a platform for my research I have
    chosen two main sports - artistic gymnastics, acrobatic rock and roll.

    I would appreciate it if you could give me any feedback on topic
    which I just very briefly described or if you refered me to the
    literature, journal articles or research papers that you feel would be
    relevant to my work. It would be very helpful if I could incorporate in
    to my dissertation existing knowledge on my topic which draws on other
    related sports such as - trampolin, sport acrobatics, figure
    skating(pairs) etc. Therefore I would be grateful if you were able to
    direct me to the sources of applicable information.

    I respect your insights very much and thank you again for your help.


    Barbara Vadovicova

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