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Medical image smoothing

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  • Medical image smoothing

    Dear biomechlr's

    It is often necessary in biomechanics to determine the distance from a
    tendon to the centre or edge of a bone especially for moment arm
    calculations. We have acquired MRI transverse sections which provide
    sectional views of the tendon and bone.

    My question to the group is: Is there any gold standard methodology for
    determining what is the edge of bone and tendon in an MRI section?

    There are different methods in the literature for example thresholding,
    filtering, polar series line fitting. Algorithms such as Roberts and
    Sobel can usually be applied but I require one line as a best fit of the
    noisy outline with a quantifyable error. This suggests to me that a
    polar (ellipse?) fourier series would be best but a threshold value
    still has to be determined for the pixels which comprise the 'edge'.

    All comments will be greatly appreciated and a summary of replies posted

    Dan Barker (
    Research Engineer
    Repatriation General Hospital
    Division of Orthopaedic Surgery
    Daws Rd. Daw Park 5041 S.A.
    Fax: 61 8 8374 0712
    Tel: 61 8 8275 1107

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