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Summary: Isokinetic and isometric testing for impairment evaluat

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  • Summary: Isokinetic and isometric testing for impairment evaluat

    Dear friends:
    I regret I have had only two answers to my question posted last week.
    I have decided to include the two answers received for your
    consideration, although I know you will be disappointed.
    Perhaps Biomechanics has not penetrated much yet in the field...


    From: Greg Hart

    We use both a CYBEX NORM (isokinetic) and an old Dynatrac (isometric)
    for testing in these circumstances. We use them as a portion of a
    more complex set of testing protocols. There are people who use three
    isokineitic protocols (shoulder flex/extend, knee flex/extend and
    trunk flex/extend) to try and suggest fitness for certain occupations.
    Obviously, that has a lot of dubious contructs.

    We are interested in looking at muscular joint stabilities and raw
    force production with these tests so that we can correlate the data
    with other data we collect in testing that is more functional or
    complex in nature. We have had some luck with int/ext rotation data at
    the shoulder predicting development of upper extremity problems in
    assembly workers, but that is it. Although we carry out testing for
    the purposes of qualifying temporary or permanent impairment, we do
    not use the isokinetic data as a direct or primary measure of this
    impairment. If you have any specific questions, I would be happy to
    try and answer them.

    Greg Hart, Kinesiologist
    fax: 403-215-1444
    Human Effort bus: 403-215-1440 Box
    23047, Connaught P.O. web: Calgary,
    Alberta CANADA T2S 3B1 toll free: 1-888-4EFFORT


    From: bte

    My name is Jonathan K. Cooper and I work for a therapeutic equipment
    manufacturer - Baltimore Therapeutic Equipment Co. (BTE). I saw your
    request for information on the use of isokinetic, isometric and
    isotonic equipment for objectional measures of impairment. I would
    like to invite you to visit our web site to take a look at the
    equipment we have to offer.

    Our web site is

    If you have any questions or would like additional information on any
    of our products, please send me an e-mail with your mailing address.
    I would be happy to send information to you, including our

    Jonathan K. Cooper

    Javier Sanchez-Lacuesta
    Institute of Biomechanics / Technical Aids Section
    P.O.BOX 199 / E-46980 PATERNA (SPAIN)
    Tel: +34-96-1366032 / Fax: +34-96-1366033
    Please visit our web site:

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