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Muscle off times

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  • Muscle off times

    Good afternoon.

    I am currently completing some software to analysed EMG data including
    muscle on/off times. This topic has received much attention both within
    the literature and Biomech-l postings but despite our best efforts
    remains a dubious practice.

    Periods of muscle activity have been determined in numerous ways. After
    much consideration I have chosen the following 2 criteria for my

    1. Mean resting level + 3 SD above that mean to define a resting
    threshold for each muscle.

    2. The muscle must remain 'on' for a minimum of ~50 m/s. This
    t-value has been specifically selected for each muscle
    analysed based on previous literature.

    My concern is that multiple bursts of activity which meet the above 2
    criteria are interspersed with very small periods of inactivity (about
    9-22 ms). The muscles most affected are Tibialis Anterior and Biceps
    femoris during late swing.

    I wish to set another test condition to examine the muscle 'off' times to
    alleviate this problem, but have been unable to find any literature to
    provide a physiological basis for a test condition.

    I hope someone may be able to point me in the direction of some further
    literature which defines the minimum period of muscle inactivity
    between contractions.

    Thank you in anticipation

    Kindest regards,

    Mick Dillon.

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