Comments on two issues: early locomotion studies and analyzing snack
cake catching.
1) The earliest attempt to analyze locomotion I know of was Aristotle.
See his, "On the Motion of Animals," where he describes the movements
of many animals, including humans.

2) Regarding the analysis of catching Little Debbie snack cakes. First,
Tim, congratulations on your insight and welcome to ergonomics. Second,
consider the purpose of the video analysis. A full-fledged biomechanical
analysis, even 2D, requires a high degree of technical sophistication on the
part of the equipment and the experimenter -- and the results may not be
directly usable to determine good cake-catching abilities. Plus, whatever
results are found need to be relayed and taught to trainees. Since the
ultimate purpose is to train new employees, in particular to get them
past opening day jitters, let me suggest an alternate route. Get your hands
on DV Knudson and CS Morrison's book, "Qualitative Analysis of Human
Movement" (Human Kinetics, 1997). Here you can learn how to analyze
motion without the technological barriers, and further, learn how to use
this information in teaching the trainees. Knudson and Morrison primarily
use sports skills for examples, but the techniques can be applied to any
realm of human movement.

Jeff Ives, Ph.D.
Dept. Exercise and Sport Sciences
Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY 14850

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