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Setting up a Gait Lab..

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  • Setting up a Gait Lab..

    To all Biomch-L readers.

    Here in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we are in the process of setting up
    a Gait Analysis Laboratory, based at Musgrave Park Hospital which is
    the regional Orthopaedic Hospital for the North of Ireland. It is a
    joint venture with support from charitable institutions, the University,
    (Queens University of Belfast) and the regional health authority.

    After some debate it was decided to opt for the VICON system as supplied
    by Oxford Metrics, Botley in England. Initially it will be a small
    network based on a MicroVAX 3100 (Model 40) acting as a server with two
    486 PC being used as intelligent workstations as well as stand alone.
    Hardcopy will be from a HP Ljet III with 2Mb xtra RAM. We hope (fingers
    crossed) to be going live by June 25th. Funding permitting we then hope
    to link into the hospital LAN (and hence onto the health authority WAN)
    and then bridge to the University mainframe. We anticipate spending the
    summer months "getting to grips" with the hardware and software so that
    by the autumn (Fall) we would hope to have a competent working laboratory.

    For the past few months I have been downloading useful material from
    BIOMCH-L to my word processor and distributing it to the various
    people working on the project, surgeons, physicians, engineers etc.
    Of particular interest has been the recent debate on the standardisation
    of kinematic data, which will be of crucial importance to us when we are
    set up. Furthermore since many surgeons do not have ready access to
    computers linked to networks or simply do not wish to, developing a
    forum such as BIOMCH-L is very important in encouraging their use of
    information technology as well as acting as a rapid medium in which to
    develop ideas, debate common interests etc in a far better way than can
    be done by learned journals. Some of my previous comments have been
    recently incorporated into the BIOMCH-L fileserver.

    I would welcome any comments or critisms from my fellow readership either
    thru' the BIOMCH-L forum or Email me direct. Of particular interest
    would be experiences gained in setting up such a lab. I am an
    "Information Technologist" which means i have to have fingers in both
    hardware and software pies. Experiences gained in other areas such as
    patient management would be gratefully passed on to the clinicians.

    Many thanks in advance for your valuable time.
    Joseph (Joe) Murphy
    Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
    The Queen's University of Belfast
    Musgrave Park Hospital
    Northern Ireland
    Phone: +44 232 669501 ext 2823
    Fax: +44 232 661112