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Articles Regarding Muscle Twitch in the Lower Extremities

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  • Articles Regarding Muscle Twitch in the Lower Extremities

    Below your original message you will find citations to a couple of
    articles that deal with muscle twitch and the lower extremities. I hope
    they will prove helpful to you in your research.

    David Dillard
    Temple University
    (215) 204 - 4584

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 14:41:50 +0100
    From: Michael Dillon
    Subject: Muscle twitch times
    Newsgroups: bit.listserv.biomch-l

    Good afternoon.

    I am interested in attaining some more information regarding muscle twitch
    times for lower limb muscles. Much of the literature I have retrieved is
    specific to the upperlimb or hand, however, some articles draw comparison
    to certain lower limb muscles (Gastroc medial head, soleus, TA). I have
    been unable to find t-times for the following muscles which I require for
    some EMG sofware I'm writing.

    If anyone could point me toward some further literature in my search for
    t-times for following muscles I'd be appreciative.

    Gastrocnemuis lateral head
    Biceps Femoris
    Rectus Femoris


    AU - Tsuji I
    AU - Nakamura R
    TI - Prolonged tension lag time of knee extensor muscle on twitch
    contraction in patients with spastic hemiparesis.
    SO - Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine 1988 Sep;156(1):33-7

    AU - Haimoto H
    AU - Kato K
    TI - S100a0 (alpha alpha) protein, a calcium-binding protein, is
    localized in the slow-twitch muscle fiber.
    SO - Journal of Neurochemistry 1987 Mar;48(3):917-23

    AU - Sjogaard G
    TI - Capillary supply and cross-sectional area of slow and fast twitch
    muscle fibres in man.
    SO - Histochemistry 1982;76(4):547-55

    AU - Tesch P
    AU - Karlsson J
    TI - Lactate in fast and slow twitch skeletal muscle fibres of man during
    isometric contraction.
    SO - Acta Physiologica Scandinavica 1977 Feb;99(2):230-6

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