Hi World,

Can you help me?

I have been asked by a colleague to source and price accelerometers
for use in some basic gait studies.

I think the idea is to mount an accelerometer on the torso and use it
to estimate intersegmental joint forces in the lower limb (maybe). We
do not propose to attempt to calculate any type of kinematic data, it
is simply to assess the peak accelerations at initial contact.

I have read some stuff in some old literature about a device called a
shock meter produced by a company called JP Biomechanics. Have you
used that device? Can you shed any light on it? Is it still
commercially available?

So, I am looking for advice on which accelerometers to use. How they
are used? Where to get them from? What sort of price are they? Any
advice on their use in this type of application at all? I have
searched for literature and checked the Biomch-L archives but there
seems to be many questions and very few answers. The Biomch-L Yellow
Pages couldn't help with JP Biomechanics either.

As usual I will post summary of any replies to the list.

Judith Lane
Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery,
University of Edinburgh,
Clinical Research Unit,
Princess Margaret Rose Orthopaedic Hospital,
Tel: 0131 536 4806
e-mail: J.Lane@ed.ac.uk

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