Thanks to all who responded ... I´ll follow the leads.


A time ago I received the references of an Article from the list.

Joji Kayano, "Dynamic fuinction of medial foot arch", J. Jpn.Orthop.
Ass.; 60: 1147-1156; 1986

In this article the author says he got surface EMG from the FHL (flexor
hallucis longus), but he doesn´t describe the location of the

Does anybody know if it can be done? And if so, how?
Does anybody know how to reach Joji Kayano?


1. Jeremy Linskell wrote:

There is a protocol developed by Yves Blanc, which is documented in
the CAMARCII deliverable on clinical evaluation protocols. The
electrodes are placed directly posterior to the tendon of tibialis
posterior and obviously you willl need to perform careful
cross-talk tests. However the most important element in achieving
useful signal from such muscles is probably the correct electrode/gel
combination (assuming the performance of the pre-amps etc is
sufficiently good); you really need to be using EEG-type electrodes.
Yves is the man you need to talk to really.

Jeremy Linskell
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Co-Ordinator, Electronic Assistive Tehcnology Service
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2. John Brault wrote:

The text "Anatomic Guide for the Electromyographer" by Delagi, et al.
(ISBN 0-398-03951-8) instructs in the the proper insertion of fine wires

into the FHL. It recommends inserting the electrode "obliquely five
fingerbreadths above the insertion of the Achilles tendon and anterior
to the medial border of this tendon towards the tibia.

Having performed both fine wire insertions and surface EMG to the lower
leg, I do not think one could sample the FHL with surface electrodesJohn
without considerable cross talk from adjacent muscles (tibialis
posterior, soleus, flexor digitorum longus). Look at the cross
sectional anatomy of the distal leg and you will get a good idea of this


John Brault



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