Dear Biomch-L members,

A few weeks ago I submitted the next request :
Who can inform me about the current insights in the control of the
spatio-temporal gait variables (stride/step frequency; step/stride length)
in animals (and humans) during voluntary velocity increase ?

How do different gaits (walk, trot, gallop) relate to the CPG-concept ?
Is, for instance, a gallop the expression of a CPG, different from that of
a walking or trotting gait ?

>From a review paper by Zatsiorsky, Werner and Kaimin (1994; Journal of
Sports Medicine and Physiscal Fitness) I learned about an hypothesis
which stated that just the level of the "push-off forces" was controled
(Bonnard and Pailhous, 1991). Is this hypothesis still in vogue ?

Do there exist recent reviews dealing with these topics, which are
accessible for non-neurologists ?

What follows are the replies :