Hello. I am a first year graduate student currently working on software
for analyzing on and off times for EMG signals. I see that this has been
a recent topic on the biomech list, but I have a question that has yet to
be answered. I am collecting signals from 10 different muscles over the
gait cycle, for 5 trials per subject. I would like to present my
resulting on/off signal as an average for the 5 trials. To do this, I
think it is necessary to normalize the lengths of the trials (they are
all different lengths, due to natural variation in the gait cycle) so
that I can average on a point by point basis. However, if I do this,
won't I be changing the sampling frequency and therefore invalidating any
kind of averaging? I have seen kinematic data presented in the
literature as an average of x number of trials
+/- a certain standard deviation and assume the same sort of problem has
been encountered and solved in order to present the data this way. I
would very much appreciate any insight or references to literature that
might help me solve this problem. I will post a summary of replies in a
few days. Thank you.
Pam Wise

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