Dear colleagues,
It's my pleasure to be here to share with the world top biomechanics
scientists. I am a M. Phil. student in the Chinese Unversity of Hong Kong,
Department of Sports Science and Physical Education.

Being a volleyball player, it is my interesting to find ways of improving
tactics and techniques within the volleyball court. And with my experience,
using foot to retrieve ball which needed to be hit backward and high is very
efficient and which is easy to learn. And now I am doing a pilot study on
the motion analysis of this technique. However, the model in my
software(BAS) need the data of the WEIGHT of UPPER and LOWER TRUNK relative
to the total body mass, and the location of CG of UPPER and LOWER TRUNK
since I only have the data of the trunk. If you procceed this data and and
its original reference, please reply me! Thanks a lot.

I hope that by your kindly attention and contribution, further study on this
issue could be done and acceleration on the appropriate uses of foot in
volleyball can be seen.

Best wishes,

Stone C K SHEK
Department of Sports Science and Physical Education
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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