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A brazilian introduction ;-D

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  • A brazilian introduction ;-D

    Dear colleagues
    First of all, I should like to introduce myself as a new member of your
    list and expose you a few aspects of my job. My name is Mauro Cesar Gurgel
    de Alencar Carvalho, I'm a Phys. Ed. professional, exercise science
    specialist and I also have a master degree in exercise science, where in my
    thesis I created a test to measure the speed of a Judo movement: Tai-sabaki.
    It is that fast turn which the Judo athlete uses to apply a throw or to
    escape from an attach.
    Besides, I'm the Phys. Ed. coordinator of a great federal instituition
    in my country with 161 years of exitence, called Colegio Pedro II, at the
    School Unit of Engenho Novo II. In this school unit I also run the
    LaCiMovi - Laboratorio de Ciencias do Movimento which primarily develops
    research on School Pys. Ed. area, but may investigate different kinds of
    motor fenomena upon areas as biomechanics, exercise physiology and etc..
    Before starting to work in this instituition I use to teach exercise
    physiology, biomechanics and Judo as a faculty member at an University and
    another college in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I live. But the contract I
    signed demanded me to become an exclusive teacher of Colegio Pedro II, so I
    had to stop working anywhere else.
    Actually I'm the list owner about Judo at the Centro Esportivo Virtual
    home page (CEV - which has english spoken too. This
    site is suported by UNICAMP - Universidade de Campinas computer lab.. This
    list is directed for people who love Judo but only speak portuguese and
    spanish ( Well you are all invited to visit
    the CEV and the Judo list too.
    Athletic regards,
    Mauro Cesar Gurgel de Alencar Carvalho,M Sc

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