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>Hello, I am currently a pre-athletic student at the University of
>Georgia. I was hoping that someone could give me some guidence. I have
>to write a paper about the effects of exercise (such as running) and chest
>pain (angina) in young adults. I have not been able to find much
>information in this area and would appriciate any and all help.

***More information is necessary, such as the exact title of the project and
what exercise actually means in this context - it could include sprinting and
distance running, weightlifting and powerlifting, football and soccer,
'aerobic' or 'anaerobic' activities, and each of these places different
stresses on the cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory systems. Are you trying
to invesitigate exercise as a 'cause' of angina, angina as a limiting factor
in exercise or exercise as a component in a cradiac health program? Are you
interested only in 'young adult' populations? Are you interested in only one
ethnic group or gender?

What information searches have you already undertaken? A clear statement of
project title and objectives, plus a concise summary of work already done will
always make members of any group more willing and able to help, so fill in
those missing links and see what happens then.

Dr Mel C Siff
Littleton, Colorado, USA

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