We have an MPhil studentship for one year in the
Cardiff Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory. The project will
involve measuring knee movement using a newly developed marker
system and software for accurate 3D measurement of knee kinematics
and kinetics. In particular, we will be looking at the rotation
of different types of total knee replacements. The work will involve
organising and carrying out patient assessments and analysing data,
and is part of an ongoing research progamme on biomechanics of the
Applicants should have a background in biomechanics or a
mechanical engineering degree and an interest in biomechanics, and
will need to be confident and capable in organising assessments and
dealing with patients. Alternatively, applicants with a clinical
background and an interest in developing computational biomechanics
skills will also be considered. The student will also have
opportunities to develop teaching skills.

The student will receive a standard maintenance grant of around
stlg6,500 (UK pounds), and UK home tuition fees will be paid.

For further information please contact:-

Dr Cathy Holt,
Medical Engineering,
School of Engineering,
Cardiff University,
PO Box 688, The Parade,
Cardiff CF2 3TE.

email: Holt@Cardiff.ac.uk
Tel and fax (01222) 874533

Please contact Cathy Holt rather than replying to me directly.

Dr. Sam Evans,
Medical Engineering Research Unit,
Cardiff University School of Engineering,
PO Box 688, The Parade,
Cardiff CF2 3TE, UK.
Tel. (01222) 875926 or (01222) 874533
Fax. (01222) 874533

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