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  • TestStarII Summary

    Many thanks to everyone who responded to my inquiry regarding MTS
    TestStarII Software. I received two replies from those who have done
    the upgrade (Kenneth St. John and Luca Cristofolini) and all are pleased
    with the new system. I also received many replies regarding network
    between Windows95 and NT. The following is my original question and a
    summary of all replies.
    Original Post:

    Dear Biomch-L readers,

    We are considering to upgrade the control system of our MTS Bionix 858
    Machine to the latest TestStar II Software. We would like to hear any
    comments, good and bad experiences with this new system from those who
    had already done so. We'd also like set up a lab ethernet network to
    transfer files between PC's and retrieve testing data files from MTS.
    Since the new system runs on Microsoft NT platform, do we have to switch
    all our lab PC's from Windows 95 to NT?
    Replies regarding TestStarII upgrade:

    From: "Kenneth St. John"

    We have upgraded to the newest TestStar II software and are very
    pleased. I do not believe that you will have to upgrade your other
    PC's on the network since NT systems and W95 systems seem to peacfully
    co-exist on our Novell network. We are not connecting our TestStar to
    our network. None of our dedicated PCs which run test equipment are
    networked at this point because we are not willing to undergo the
    limitations and extra protocols which have been imposed upon us by
    computer services. Anyone who is on the network is severely limited in
    applications, etc. If you yourselves control your network and it
    protocols you may find that you can add the new system with no problem.
    We upgraded from verson 2 on this machine. Our wear tester, which has a
    newer version of the OS2 software has not been upgraded. I can't tell,
    from your message, whether you are upgrading from another TestStar
    version or from another controller.

    Kenneth R. St. John Phone: 601-984-6199
    Assistant Professor Fax: 601-984-6087
    Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation
    University of Mississippi Medical Center
    2500 North State Street
    Jackson, MS 39216-4505

    From: Luca Cristofolini

    Dear Dr. Mei Wang,

    In our lab we have two MTS MiniBionix (a uni-axial and a bi-axial). We
    recently upgraded the software to the NT version (the previous version
    was supported only by OS2, and this was a big pain on the neck for us).
    The user interface is almost unchanged with respect to the presvious OS2
    version. They fixed some of the (few) bugs. Generally speaking we are
    quite happy with the software. The softare is well structured (from a
    user point of view), although there are some hidden functions. It is
    quite user friendly, to get the first easy tests running (advanced users
    must be more skilled, of course). The manuals are reasonably well
    written. The main problem we experience every now and then is that if
    the computer is not fast enough, the control SW cannot keep the pace it
    should and the system crashes (including the hydraulics going off, and
    so on). This is not nice, so I'd advise you to use a fast enough
    computer, with enough RAM. We are planning to replace our 75 MHz
    Pentium with something more up to date.

    Hope this was of some help. Best regards,

    Luca Cristofolini

    Laboratorio di Tecnologia dei Materiali tel.
    Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli fax.
    Via di Barbiano 1/10
    40136 Bologna, Italy

    Replies regarding lab networking:

    From: Scott Aldworth

    Some more info would be appreciated in terms of your existing set-up,
    and the proposed one. I have experience in creating LAN that connect
    Win 95, NT 4.0 and Mac systems under the umbrella of EMG and motion
    analysis data acquisition. Just the number of machines (and intended
    primary function), existing LAN setup (including all software version
    numbers) and the main computer hardware spec.'s would be enough info.

    Get back to me at your convenience.

    Scott Aldworth
    NeuroMuscular Research Center
    Boston University
    Boston, MA 02215
    617-353-5737 (fax)
    We are also considering to upgrade the TestStar software running our MTS
    Bionix system. I would appreciate if you could either post a summary of
    the replies you get to the list, or if you'd just forward them to me.

    Regarding NT and Win 95 - there is no need to change the operating
    system on your other computers, NT and 95 coexist quite nicely in a

    Chris ORth, ORI



    It is possible for win95 and winnt to talk on ethernet to each other
    using the standard microsoft network protocols built into win95 and
    winnt. You can mark the drive on the MTS winnt system as shareable and
    then map it as a remote drive on any or all of the win95 systems. The
    only problems I have experience are with Printer drivers. Some
    printer drivers on the winnt system are not 100% compatable with the
    win95 drivers. So printing from a win95 computer to a printer attached
    to the winnt system or vise versa can sometimes be a problem
    (specificallywith Epson color injet printers but probably with other
    also). The solution is to save the document and then open it again on
    the one of the computers that has the same os as the system on which the
    printer is attached before printing the document.
    Please send me a copy of the responses you receive about the mts

    Clifford L. Beckett MAIL ID:
    System Designer
    Material Science and Mechanics Department
    Michigan State University VOICE: (517) 355-4659
    E. Lansing, MI 48824 FAX: (517) 353-0789

    From: Vibor Paravic

    >Since the new system runs on Microsoft NT platform, do we have to
    >all our lab PC's from Windows 95 to NT?

    No you do not have to switch over to NT ... your network will work just
    fine. You will be able to browse all your machines from your MTS machine
    however if you want to have access to MTS machine from your windows95
    machines you will have create a user on the NT machine that corresponds
    to the user name on the 95 machine (the windows networking name).

    Vibor Paravic
    Institute of Orthopedic Research and Education
    713-793-1725 (off)

    From: Tey Kek Keong Dominic []

    The version that we have is TestStar build 790.00 version 4.0C

    There is no need to switch all the lab PCs from Windows 95 to NT as NT
    can share certain directories for usage to PCs with Windows 95. The
    converse is also true. The sharing can be by a user basis or by global.
    You can also restricted write access to the shared directory too. This
    way your users can retrieve data off the MTS TestStart II
    on the NT but cannot delete the data away.

    From: Ted Morris

    no, you should be able to access other files within the 'network
    neighborhood' on either Win95 or WinNT boxes. WinNT has much better
    security but are still single user computers like Win95.

    YOu could even set up a single WinNT server and write the data on there
    -- avoiding the need to be storing duplicate copies of data on various

    ftp and telnet will still work.


    Ted Morris
    Senior Project Engineer V: 612-626-2561
    MVS F: 612-626-0679

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