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    Position Available: Research Assistant
    Department of Health and Performance Sciences
    Georgia Institute of Technology

    Contact: Dr. Robert Gregor
    Professor and Head
    Department of Health and Performance Sciences
    Director, Center for Human Movement Studies
    404-894-1028 (Secretary at 404-894-3986)

    Description: A Research Assistant is needed to work 50% time on each of
    two projects. One project, funded by NIH, involves gait analysis in
    elderly subjects transitioning to frailty engaged in either an
    intense Tai Chi Exercise program or a Wellness Education program. A
    second project involves basic research in the neural control of
    movement, is funded in part by NIH, and requires work with an animal
    model.  Assistance with data collection, data analysis and
    reduction is needed on both projects.  Data in both projects involve
    high speed video and forceplate records and analysis using rigid
    body mechanics. Standard biomechanical analyses are used to address
    research objectives in each project.

    Qualifications: We are looking for someone interested in understanding
    basic mechanisms in movement control. Someone with a background in the
    life sciences with skills in computer analysis, basic mechanics and
    some experience in working with animal models is desirable. Engineers in
    mechanical or biomedical engineering with an interest in life
    science and systems level physiology related to movement control are also
    encouraged to apply. This position is ideal for someone recently
    graduated at either the masters or bachelors level and interested in
    working for a period of at least one year in research with career
    objectives in fields such as medicine, physical therapy, biomedical
    engineering or graduate work in the movement sciences.

    Salary: Commensurate with qualifications and experience at either the
    bachelors or masters level. Position must be filled immediately.

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