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    Dear subscribers,

    I received nine responses, all of which were strongly in favor of
    the "no attachment policy" for Biomch-L. One subscriber suggested
    that postings in HTML could be useful, but for now this is
    still discouraged.

    It is unfortunately not possible to configure the listserver to
    reject attachments, but it was possible to set a maximum length
    for postings. This has been added to the Biomch-L Guide:

    Postings longer than 500 lines will be automatically rejected by the
    list server, but you may split up a posting into multiple messages,
    if needed. This limit will help enforce the no-attachment policy.

    It is not foolproof, but at least the very large attachments will
    no longer be possible. The number of lines for a binary file
    attachment is a result of the encoding. One kilobyte is equivalent
    to approximately 20 lines.

    I thank Mike Whittle for his suggestion to use the listserver

    -- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator

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