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Re: BIOMCH-L Digest - 17 Sep 1998 to 18 Sep 1998 (#1998-225)

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  • Re: BIOMCH-L Digest - 17 Sep 1998 to 18 Sep 1998 (#1998-225)


    you wrote:

    > Subject: Re: no-attachment policy
    > Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 15:08:44 -0400
    > From: Ton van den Bogert

    > Postings longer than 500 lines will be automatically rejected by the
    > list server, but you may split up a posting into multiple messages,
    > if needed. This limit will help enforce the no-attachment policy.
    > It is not foolproof, but at least the very large attachments will
    > no longer be possible. The number of lines for a binary file
    > attachment is a result of the encoding. One kilobyte is equivalent
    > to approximately 20 lines.

    Thanks, and also for your statement about HTML postings. It is according
    to common sense how to behave in usenet, no reason to discuss about that
    again and again. There is simply no need for HTML (I think some people
    are still using ASCII mailreaders and do not want to change) or mail
    attachments. If its usefusl, this can be done by mail afterwards.

    I have to read the mailinglist also for business reasons, to get
    information about applications and needs of our potential clients, but I
    expect of all the other competitors, to recognize, that a mailinglist is
    no place for advertising campaigns.

    BTW, if the listserver can not prevent for abuse, the readers of this
    mailinglist can.

    best regards
    Peter Fronteddu

    mikromak GmbH phone: +49-9131-690960
    Am Wolfsmantel 18 fax : +49-9131-6909618
    91058 Erlangen email:

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