ArialDear BIOMCH-L

I am a student in bioengineering at Clemson University.

ArialI am doing a study
on the physiological effects of squatting on knees and hips in the Asian
population and
Arialam asking for any information on this topic.

ArialTo elaborate more on this point, it was observed that in general a good

Arialpercentage of the Asian population squat during various normal activities

Arialin every day life, thus making them more susceptible to arthritis.

ArialHas any work been done pertaining to the above? If so would you kindly

Arialsend me some information. I tried doing some literature review, but I was

Arialunable to get any useful information.

ArialI thank you in advance for all your help.


Sunita V. Pullela Ho

Department of Bioengineering

501 Rhodes Research Center

Clemson University

CLEMSON, SC 29634-0905 USA

Phone#: (864)656-4199

FAX#: (864)656-4466

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