I was recently diagnosed with Hallux Limitus GRADE II at the 1st Metarsal
Joint. The range of motion of the great toe has decreased. So when the toe is
bent upward there is a certain amount of pain and or shooting pain. After
reading all these articles I'm having doubts about having the operation. My
primary care physician refered me to one of the best DPM in Boston and who
operates at the New England Baptist Hospital. The BEST place to go for
orthopedic surgery. But yet, I am still concerened if the procedure will
really help. I am supposed to have a "Modified Austin" and "Cheilectomy". The
Dr. says its a simple procedure and I will feel better in the future and will
be a painless operation. But, reading these articles, I have doubts. Can
anyone reply to me please? Should I get Orthotics and forget surgery?
Thanks!!!! Arnie

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