If response to Paul Prusakowski's query, there is a good chapter by Woo and
Young in the recent text that is edited by van Mow and Toby Hayes. The
complete reference is:

Woo, S.L-Y. and Young E.P. (1991): Structure and function of tendons and
ligaments. IN: Basic Orthopaedic Biomechanics. Mow, V.C. and Hayes, W.C.
editors. Published by Raven Press, New York. Chapter 5, pp 199-243.

The particular portion of interest is "Temperature-dependent properties" on
page 210, where the authors review 5 articles and conclude "It also
demonstrates the necessity of a standardized procedure and that temperature must
be reported and controlled, as it can have profound effects on soft tissue."

As an additional note, with all of the proposed "freezing and thawing", it
is essential to maintain the degree of hydration of the samples.

I hope this reference is useful.

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