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Turning during normal gait

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  • Turning during normal gait

    First I'll say that I am not a student of Biomechanics, my interest in
    you world is peripheral in nature. I am a volunteer in a Search and
    Rescue group that specializes in tracking humans.

    Within another List, that I receive, there has been many heated
    discussions about limb dominance and how it will relate to the
    navigation of a traveling human.

    Questions for this List:
    Is limb dominance the same as 'footedness'?
    Is there a way to test for a limb dominance?
    How will limb dominance manifest itself in the gait?
    If a human is blindfolded and set on a course ... the turns that s/he
    takes during the course ... are they caused by a difference in step
    length? unequal stride lengths? limb strength? trunk twist?
    maintaining balance?
    How would you rate the factors that effect navigation? step length
    difference? heel strike placement? foot pitch? toe push off? others?

    Thanks for indulging me on these questions.
    If this is not appropriate list feel free to Email me directly.

    Del Morris

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