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CT Image Processing

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  • CT Image Processing

    Dear Biomch-l Readers:

    We are currently looking for the capability to construct solid models for use
    in finite element analyses from CT scans of bones. During our preliminary
    review of the literature we have found several references of researchers
    writing their own specialized code to process CT image data. Recently, I
    discovered that PDA once marketed a "CT module" for their PATRAN
    software that accomplished exactly what we are interested in. The software
    generated patches from each CT slice which were used to construct a 3D
    FE model. Unfortunately, I also discovered (upon contacting our PDA sales
    rep) that PDA no longer supports this package.

    We currently use PATRAN for preprocessing as well as the Pro/ENGINEER
    solid modeling software with an interface to PATRAN. My question is:

    Is anyone aware of an available software package that will process CT
    image data in order to create a model in either Pro/Engineer or PATRAN or
    other modeling software to be used to generate a Finite Element model?
    Right now we are just interested in retrieving the geomtry. We have the
    capability of generatnig a 3D solid model (using Pro/ENGINEER) from
    cross sectional data (by means of a blend) or by importing surface
    information. Before we start writing own own code to process the CT slice
    data, we would like to know if there is anything already available out there.
    We currently have IMSL/IDL software which has some image processing
    functions, but we have yet been able to output useful data (we're still
    climbing the learning curve).

    Please post to the list if you feel it will benefit all of us or reply directly
    my email address.

    Thank You in advance,

    Dan Nicolella
    Southwest Research Institute
    San Antonio, Texas