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Vacancy (2) Vehicle Safety Transport Research Lab. (UK)

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  • Vacancy (2) Vehicle Safety Transport Research Lab. (UK)


    The Transport Research Laboratory ( has been at the
    vanguard of Vehicle Safety research for over 40 years. TRL is expanding its
    activities in research, technical support, consultancy and testing for
    industry. TRL undertakes major UK and international research. The
    laboratory is located in a fairly rural area in the south east of England
    about 40 miles west of London. Until 1996, TRL was the research arm of the
    UK Department of Transport. It is now an independent research laboratory.
    TRL has a large indoor impact test facility capable of carrying out full
    scale moving car to moving car and car to block impacts. It can also be
    configured to carry out large vehicle to large object tests externally
    (lorries into bridge parapets etc.). In addition TRL has two impact sled
    facilities plus a large capability for other smaller scale impact tests.
    All of this work can be supported by computer simulation.

    Within the Vehicle Safety area of research, TRL has a vacancy for two
    junior researchers to work in the Biomechanics and Occupant Protection area
    on the reduction in the incidence and severity of traumatic injury. The
    work involves the development and evaluation of automotive crash test
    dummies, both adult and child, for front and side impacts. Current projects
    include the evaluation of advanced frontal and side impact dummies and
    studies into the mechanisms of varying types of injury, particularly to the
    lower extremity. This work includes medical bias. We have also just
    embarked on new studies into protection against head and spinal injury. In
    addition we are working on impact test procedures which will reduce the
    incidence of head injury for car occupants. For some projects there will be
    an opportunity to work closely with orthopaedic surgeons in a
    hospital-based environment

    Applicants should have a good fundamental knowledge of physics or
    mechanical engineering at first or higher degree level and have a strong
    desire to be involved in research activities. Knowledge of human anatomy
    would be an advantage.

    Tasks to be performed include
    Developing test specifications
    Proposing and developing ideas and solutions to problems
    Performing impact tests and other research
    Developing impact facilities
    Impact instrumentation and high-speed data capture
    Data analysis and interpretation, including statistical analysis
    Preparing written reports with oral reporting to customers, international

    Skills that are likely to be necessary
    Ability to communicate well in English, oral and written.
    Ability to work unsupervised as well as in a team.
    An interest in automotive safety, vehicles, dynamics etc.
    Computer literate (Windows based operating environment, Word, Email,
    Report writing, and making presentations.

    Skills that are likely to be advantageous
    Mechanical system design (AutoCAD)
    Electronic high-speed data capture systems and instrumentation
    (accelerometers, force and displacement transducers) (PROSIG,
    Data Analysis (DATS+, DIA, SPSS, Excel, FoxPro)
    Knowledge (but not necessarily experience) of computer modelling methods
    (e.g. FEM - DYNA3D, MADYMO)
    Knowledge of human anatomy, injuries and, their causes.

    Starting salaries will be depending upon qualifications and experience.

    Please let us know if you are not and EC national.

    Contact Bill Newton ( Transport Research Laboratory, Old
    Wokingham Road, Crowthorne, Berkshire England, RG45 6AU, Tel +44 (0) 1344
    770219, Fax +44 (0) 1344 770356

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