In order to view calcaneal motion inside shoes during walking I'm
attempting to use a technique I first viewed at University of North
Carolina Chapel Hill. I've bent a flat sheet of heat formable plastic
into a "U" shape, and then formed one side of that "U" around the
subjects calcaneus (medial, lateral, and posterior). The other side of
the "U" has three reflective markers attached. When the subjects foot
is inside a shoe with the mold attached to the calcaneus, the markers
are visible externally for 3D motion analysis. Those familiar with foot
studies understand this is an attempt to study calcaneal motion and
avoid the controversy related to markers on shoes or cutting shoes to
view direct calcaneal markers.

My problem is this: I have not yet found a tape that works sufficiently
well for the duration of the trials I am contemplating. In addition it
is necessary for my subjects to remove their shoes to have foot
orthotics installed halfway through the trials. During each test trial
conducted to this point, the tape has always come off when the subject
is slipping their foot back into shoes.

I could resolve the problem by simply reattaching the mold and taking
another neutral trial, but that introduces data analysis problems. So I
am open to suggestions for attachment methods. Maybe a glue that is
easily removed from the skin?

Thank you for any suggestions!

Louis B. Rosenfeld
Candidate for MSc. University of Calgary

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