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Capri (Italy) - September 28th-October 9th, 1992
Director F. Ventriglia

An International School on Neural Modelling and Neural Networks was organized
under the sponsorship of the Italian Group of Cybernetics and Biophysics of
the CNR, the Institute of Cybernetics of the CNR and the National Committee
for Physics of the CNR; co-sponsor the American Society for Mathematical

First week (Sept 28 - Oct 2)
1. Neural Structures * Szentagothai, Budapest
2. Functions of Neural Structures
for Visuomotor Coordination * Arbib, Los Angeles
3. Correlations in Neural
Activity * Abeles, Jerusalem
4. Single Neuron Dynamics:
deterministic models * Rinzel, Bethesda
5. Single Neuron Dynamics:
stochastic models * Ricciardi, Naples
6. Oscillations in Neural
Systems * Ermentrout, Pittsburgh
7. Noise and Chaos in Neural
Systems * Erdi, Budapest

Second week (Oct 5 - Oct 9)
8. Mass action in Neural Systems * Freeman, Berkeley
9. Statistical Neurodynamics:
kinetic approach * Ventriglia, Naples
10.Statistical Neurodynamics:
sigmoidal approach * Cowan, Chicago
11.Attractor Neural Networks in
Cortical Conditions * Amit, Roma
12."Real" Neural Network
Models * Traub, Yorktown Heights
13.Pattern Recognition in
Neural Networks * Fukushima, Osaka
14.Learning in Neural Networks * Tesauro, Yorktown Heights

About six lectures (each one hour long) will be given in each day (for 5+5
days). Each lecturer will give four lectures.

On Saturday, October 3, there will be the following events:
18.00-19.00 Seminar
Neural Networks: looking backward and forward
E.R. Caianiello - Physics Dept. - University of Salerno, Italy
19.00-20.00 Round Table
The explicative value of Neural Modeling
Chairman: E.R. Caianiello

21.00 --> Informal Dinner


The International School will be held in Capri, Italy. Lectures will be
scheduled in "La Certosa" of Capri.


Applicants for the international School should be actively engaged in the
fields of biological cybernetics, biomathematics or computer science, and have
a good background in mathematics. As the number of participants must be limited
to 70, preference may be given to students who are specializing in neural
modelling and neural networks and to professionals who are seeking new
materials for biomathematics or computer science courses.


Applicants should provide a letter of introduction from their department,
institute or company and complete the application form below. The documents
should be mailed together, as soon as possible, to

Dr. F. Ventriglia
Registration Capri International School
Istituto di Cibernetica
Via Toiano 6
80072 - Arco Felice (NA)

Tel. (39-) 81-8534 138
E-Mail LC4A@ICINECA (bitnet)
Fax (39-) 81-5267 654
Tx 710483

The deadline for application is JUNE 15, 1992.


The school fee is Italian Lire 500.000 (about 500 $) and includes notes,
lunch and coffee-break for the duration of the School.
A limited number of grants (covering the registration fee of Lit. 500.000) is
The organizer applied to the Society for Mathematical Biology for travel
funds for participants who are member of the SMB.
If you want to apply for such a grant, you should submit a request to
this effect together with your application form and your letter of
introduction should confirm that these funds cannot be provided by your
department or another source in your country.
Preference will be given to students, postdoctoral fellows and young faculty
(1-2 years) after PhD.
Participants will receive information about how the fee can be paid in
their letter of acceptance.


As the Institute of Cybernetics has no own lodging facilities, participants
will have to stay in hotels in Capri.
No grants are available to cover living expenses.
Whereas you are free to arrange for a hotel through your own travel-agency, it
is recommended that participants use the lodging-facility reserved by the
International School.
A stock of rooms in hotels in Capri were reserved for participants to the
school, some single and others, the greatest part, double (for two mates).

Hotels in Capri Single Room Double Room Double Room Half Pension
as Single
Hotel Syrene 95.000 190.000 175.000 130.000 in d.
145.000 in s.

Hotel Floridiana 90.000 185.000 165.000 125.000 in d.
140.000 in s.

Villa Krupp 85.000 150.000 100.000

La Minerva 60.000 130.000 90.000

La Florida 50.000 100.000 80.000

The prices (in Italian Lire) are per person/day, excluding the double rooms in
which each of the room-mates will pay half-price, and include bed and


International School
Neural Modeling and Neural Networks
Capri, September 28-October 9, 1992

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