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Call for info: BIOMCH-L FAQ file

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  • Call for info: BIOMCH-L FAQ file

    Dear Biomch-L readers,

    I am currently planning to write a BIOMCH-L FAQ ("Frequently Asked
    Questions") file for publication on the Biomch-L fileservers, similar to
    the various FAQ's already made available there for a number of Usenet
    discussion groups (send an INDEX BIOMCH-L to LISTSERV@HEARN.BITNET or to
    LISTSERV@NIC.SURFNET.NL for further details -- interactively or in the
    main body of an email note, Subject: line irrelevant). Basically, the
    BIOMCH-L FAQ file will contain lists of societies & meetings, journals,
    relevant manuals, databases, and vendors.

    I would be grateful for any material that you deem fit for inclusion into
    the FAQ, preferably by email, but hard-copy material would be fine, too;
    please read the FAQ's already on the BIOMCH-L fileserver to get an idea
    of the kind of information to be made available.

    For organisations (societies, conferences, journals, vendors, etc.) I would
    be grateful for complete contact information, incl. postal addresses (with
    P.O. Box and ZIP/postal codes), telephone/fax numbers (toll-free and regular
    numbers where toll-free numbers don't work) *and EMAIL* if available.

    Items about organisations etc. should be *short*, including a summary
    description of up to, say, 5 lines. For books and journals, the ISBN/ISSN
    numbers would be useful, too.

    Thank you for your help; I look forward to hear from you,

    Herman J. Woltring, PhD
    Biomch-L moderator
    Brussellaan 29
    NL - 5628 TB EINDHOVEN
    The Netherlands
    Voice/fax/modem +31.40.413 744, Tel. (private) +31.40.480 869
    Email: woltring@hnykun53.bitnet,