Dear fellow biomechanists,

Do you have an interest in baseball injuries?

This 3 1/2 day course is designed to acquaint athletic trainers,
biomechanists, coaches, sports physicians, orthopaedic surgeons,
physical therapists, and physiologists with the current concepts of
biomechanics, assessment, treatment and functional rehabilitation of
medical and musculoskeletal problems in baseball.

Included in this year's presentations will be research on the
biomechanics of the elbow, biomechanics of the shoulder, correlations
between trunk kinematics and pitched ball velocity, and a session and
discussion on whether today's aluminum alloy bats are dangerous.

The course will be January 21-24, 1999, in Birmingham, Alabama. For
more information, contact Judi Drew, here at the American Sports
Medicine Institute. You can contact her at:

tel: 205-918-2135
fax: 205-918-0800
mail: American Sports Medicine Institute
1313 13th Street South
Birmingham, AL 35205

I look forward to seeing you in Birmingham!...

- Glenn Fleisig, Ph.D.
ASMI Director of Research

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