JUNE 16 - 20, 1999

The Biomaterials Committee of the American Society of Mechanical
Engineers is pleased to announce the following call for abstracts for
the fourth Summer Bioengineering Conference to be held in Big Sky,
Montana. By "biomaterials", we refer to any man-made material, inert
or living, to be used in the replacement of human tissue. The
biomaterials focus is a recent initiative by ASME that emphasizes the
following mechanical aspects of biomaterials:

1 - Experimental: Sophisticated mechanical testing of materials,
especially multi-axial methods, effects of large deformations,
application of novel methods of strain measurement for complex material
behavior, thermal and diffusion properties, fatigue testing.

2 - Numerical/analytical: FEM, CFD, and development of new methods to
handle complex mechanical behavior such as new strain energy functions
for complex biomaterials.

There are two sessions planned for the summer meeting. One session will
be devoted to more traditional biomaterials, such as metals, ceramics,
and polymers. The second session will focus on the following
tissue-engineering oriented topics:

1. Design and mechanical behavior of scaffolds for tissue engineering
2. In-vivo remodeling of tissue engineered materials
3. Computational models for scaffolds for use in tissue engineering

Abstracts are to be submitted electronically for publication on 8.5 x 11
inch paper. The formatting and electronic submission instructions are
available online at http://www.asme.org/divisions/bed/smr99afi.html.
General information about the meeting may be obtained from
http://www.asme.org/divisions/bed/summer99.html or by contacting:

Michael Sacks, Ph.D.
Biomaterials Committee Chair
Department of Bioengineering
Room 749 Benedum Hall
3700 Ohara St.
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15261
FAX: 412-383-8788


Submission of abstracts: Nov. 12, 1998
(There may be a possibility of an extension - but try to get your
abstract in on time!)

Notification of authors: March 22, 1999

The conference will be held in Big Sky, Montana. The setting is
spectacular and offers plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities.

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