Hello! I am using Mathematica to analyse rigid body models of human motion.
Unfortunately, I am unable to use Mathematica to do a numerical integration
of a system of ODE's until a specified function of the solution is zero.
(i.e. I need a function that can numerically integrate a system of first
order ordinary differential equations over a range with suitable initial
conditions, until a user-specified function, if supplied, of the solution
is zero). Can you please tell me whether Mathematica has the capacity to do
this in some way - or are there Mathematica packages that can do this? All
I can find is NDSolve.

The importance of being able to do this is paramount. For instance, if
modelling throwing action, there comes a point in time when the elbow
locks, and the arm is straight. I need to able to determine this point in
order to continue the solution for when the arm begins to flex.

Looking forward to your help.


Rene Ferdinands
Department of Physics
University of Waikato
New Zealand

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