My experience is as follows:

Some journals (e.g. Clinical Biomechanics) ask reviewers to turn round
manuscripts fairly rapidly (e.g. three weeks).

At the beginning of 1996 the Journal of Biomechanics tightened up its
policy on length of papers, with the declared aim of reducing
publication times. I submitted a Technical Note to them in early 1996
which they had the final version of in September 1996. It was
published in the April 1997 issue.

Some journals, though not consistently, publish with the paper the
dates it was first received and the date of final acceptance. These
give the vital clues about the length of the review/revision process
and the delay between acceptance and publication. I wish all journals
published this information on all papers. Perhaps journal editors
would like to comment.

The September 1998 issue of J.Biomech. has papers received in final
form between January and June 1998. The Dec 1998 (!) issue of Applied
Ergonomics has papers which spent between six months and two years in
the review / revision process, with most being received in final form
in late 1997. Ergonomics certainly used to publish this information
but appears to have stopped doing so., MSc, Eur Erg
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Subject: Review Time-line for Journals
Author: Clifford Larkins at Internet-Gateway
Date: 22/10/1998 12:11

Dear Group:
Can anyone speak to the issue of review time-lines for authors who
submit to the various journals in the field of biomechanics. It appears
that the waiting period varies greatly from one journal to the next. I
would also like to know if there is any policy governing how long an author
should expect to wait, either by the journal itself or by the international
biomechanics groups.

Clifford Larkins, Ph.D.

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