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    Papers are now called for the XVII International Symposium on
    Biomechanics in Sports. The Symposium is to be held at Hillarys Resort
    and Underwater World in Perth, Western Australia from June 30 to July
    6, 1999. Further information about the ISBS 99 Symposium can be
    obtained from the 'conferences' section of the ISBS home page at:

    The strict deadline for receiving papers is:

    February 14, 1999.

    Papers will be four (4) A4 pages in length, including a 10 line
    abstract, and peer reviewed. Authors who are invited to respond to
    reviewers' comments must resubmit in revised form by:

    April 14, 1999.

    This deadline is non-negotiable if your paper is to appear in the
    Scientific Proceedings. These Proceedings will be available at the
    commencement of the Symposium.

    Final notification of acceptance or rejection of the paper will by:

    May 8, 1999

    The above procedure differs from the previous format for ISBS
    Symposia. The peer review of a four-page paper replaces the previous
    practice of reviewing a one-page abstract. This has the following

    Reviewing the paper ensures a high quality of presentations and
    proceedings as reviewers are better placed to assess the merit of a
    four-page paper than a one-page abstract due to greater detail.

    An edited book of peer reviewed proceedings will be available at
    the commencement of the conference.

    It is anticipated that this procedure will be adopted for future ISBS

    Instructions for formatting and submitting papers may be obtained from
    the ISBS99 Symposium web site accessed through 'Conferences' at the
    ISBS home page:

    Ross Sanders PhD

    (Chair ISBS99 Organising Committee)
    Ross H Sanders PhD
    Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics
    Edith Cowan University

    ph: 61 8 94005860
    fax: 61 8 94005717

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