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Re: Fw: SPINAL MANIPULATION (Re. to Mel Stiff and SteveLevin)

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  • Re: Fw: SPINAL MANIPULATION (Re. to Mel Stiff and SteveLevin)

    Jay M. Trennoche wrote:
    > Aloha from Kauai,
    > I very much liked the post below with its insight into the neuro impact of
    > spinal work.
    > But may i humbly say that reference keeps going back to manipulation.
    > If you manipulate you can comment on manipulation. If you adjust spines in
    > finite degrees and millimeters then you can comment on same.
    > But skiing is to musculoskeletal manipulation as neuro-spinal adjustments
    > are to surfing. And as Murf da Surf used to say. "If ya wanta know about
    > soifin...ya soif...if you don't soif...ya don't know nuttin about soifin!!!
    > It amazes me how people transpose their expertise like the chasm they cross
    > is a single step.
    > I say this humbly and from the heart.
    > Trennoche
    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: Vinicio D'Annunzio
    > Newsgroups: bit.listserv.biomch-l
    > Date: Thursday, October 29, 1998 6:25 AM
    > Subject: SPINAL MANIPULATION (Re. to Mel Stiff and Steve Levin)
    > >I agree with Steve Levin's statements : 'Manipulation restores joint
    > >play (a measurable fact). I am not sure what else it does (a scientific
    > >statement). The rest is conjecture, wishful thinking and pseudo
    > >science...manipulation is a nonlinear event.'

    Dr. Trennoche,
    In addition to having been a cutting surgeon I have studied and taught
    manual therapy techniques with MDs, DOs, Chiros, PTs and lay
    practitioners in the US, Canada and Europe. So far none have proclaimed
    they have the final solution, at least until now. On the whole, I find
    manual therapists to be a humble and caring and never rude. However, I
    guess there are exceptions. Are you keeping this method a secret? Why
    hasn’t anyone else touted it? Has anyone done any clinical studies, even
    outcome studies? Why hasn’t this spread like wildfire in the Chiro
    community? I know Tony Rosner at the Chiropractic Research Foundation
    and he has never mentioned it to me. Is there a practitioner of your
    techniques of ‘adjustment’ in the Washington, DC area who could show me?
    Is she/he as rude and as full of them self as you? I grew up in NY and
    can take almost anything.
    Steve Levin

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