Hi, Steve Levin, Dr. D'Annunzio, et. al.,

Manipulation and the other methods mentioned do share a commonality in that
they are medical (disease, malfunction, symptom based) philosophy oriented
requiring the input of the patient as the foundation of the service. "What
bothers you Sir or Madam?

The service is oriented towards the complaint. It is a Tx. It is as you say

An neuro-spinal adjustment is health oriented and the foundation of its
service is not based on input by the alignee; but instead the science of the
service itself. This science is the alignor's detection, location, physical
evaluation and measurement of x-ray views method of analysis, and the safe
correction of neuro aberrating spinal biomechanical displacement.

Teaching people various things like hygiene, ingestion of live natural
foods, yoga, relaxation, meditation, and the moderate use of sun, water,
air, rest, and exercise do not require the input of the person interested in
enhancing their health; nor does it require the practitioner (educator) to
be aware of that person's disease, malfunction, or symptoms...because it is
health oriented.

Neuro-spinal adjustments are similar in that they are health oriented,
require no alignee input of symptoms/complaints, etc.

Neuro-spinal adjustments are done only in the presence of misalignment that
is significant enough to aberrate the CNS. The bi-product of the N-S
(neuro-spinal) adjustment is de-abberation of nerve malfunction. This in
itself MAY be linear.

The explanation of how it works is part of the phenomena of life. The CNS
adapts the internal environment to the external environment in order to
allow mental, physical, and social well being, the expression of human
potential, and optimal longevity. Internally the CNS controls the
proximal/distal supply and demand network. The N-S alignor relies on the

You can count on the CNS much more than you can count on an educated Tx.
This is why N-S adjustments are so important...they are not a manipulation.
One who manipulates can talk about manipulation Tx. One who adjusts can talk
about N-S precision adjustment. One who does both can discuss both but would
never do both at the same articulation.

Manipulation requires several months to be expert. N-S adjusting requires a
lifetime of study and practice as its information and skill is learned one
degree at a time; which makes for no wonder why so few take on this

Thank you and humbly from the heart...



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