Hello Everybody,

I have this wondrous promotional presentation on my desk for
something called Biomechanical Stimulation (a new method of muscle
vibrating massage), being touted by a company who claim that this is
a training method/technology developed by Russian scientists in the

The promotion makes lots of claims for the efficacy of the system and
include a copy of an article published in in the "NZ
Coach" There areclaims of work done at the University of
Latvia/Moscow/St.Petersburg etc but no references to scientific

If there are any members who have any experience with this massage
technique, or point me toward further reading, I'd appreciate the

On a completely different track, if there's anybody out there
interested in geneology, and happens to live in or near Virginia USA,
they might be able to point me toward a source of geneological


Doug McClymont
(Athletics NZ/Sport Science Co-ordinator)
P.O.Box 31-056 Christchurch
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