Here is some more information on what that popular New Zealand article must
have been referring to. The first article is translated from German work into
the therapeutic effects of BMS.

Der Hautarzt
Volume 48 Issue 5 (1997) pp 318-322

Biomechanische Stimulationstherapie (BMS) zur physikalischen Behandlung
des arthrogenen Stauungssyndroms*


Biomechanical stimulation therapy to treat joint immobility associated with
chronic venous insufficiency

Thomas Klyscz, Claudia Ritter-Schempp, Michael Jünger, Gernot Rassner
Universitäts-Hautklinik, Tübingen
Approved 2. Oktober 1996

We report a new type of physical therapy which can be used in patients with
joint immobility secondary to by chronic venous insufficiency. Biomechanical
stimulation therapy (BMS) uses mechanical vibration of standardised
frequencies from 18-35 Hz spectrum to expose the feet and legs to longitudinal
mechanical stimuli. Therapeutic benefit and clinical improvement can be
achieved after a short period of treatment.

We describe a 76 year old female patient suffering from both impaired motion
and recurrent venous ulceration due to chronic venous insufficiency. After 10
days treatment with BMS, mobility of upper ankle joints improved by 16
degrees and 19 degrees and was accompanied by healing of venous ulcerations
after skin flap transplantation. BMS methods were developed in the former
Soviet Union where they were used in sports medicine to improve relaxation of
strained muscle structures and to increase the stretching ability of capsules
and tendons. We have successfully treated 6 patients with impaired mobility
and chronic venous insufficiency. We believe that BMS is likely to become a
valuable therapeutic tool in patients with this problem in the near future--------------------------------------------------------------------

***The clinical applications of mechanical vibration or stimulation in bone
healing etc are given in the following website:

It would be interesting to see if anyone has translations of the relevant
Russian work referred to in the above German article.

Dr Mel C Siff
Littleton, Colorado, USA

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