Thanks for those who responded. Allow me to summarize my findings for
Fortran which is designed for the Windows environment. If you are
interested in learning more first hand I suggest , which was recommended by Jim
Walton. It has links to all of the below and more. I have listed the
commercial prices below, but academic prices are available. To be quite
honest all of the below seem quite similar in features as well as cost.

Digital now sells Visual Fortran, the cost is $600 - $800, depending on
version. It includes the IMSL library. This is the "replacement" for
Microsoft Fortran PowerStation V4.0, which Microsoft no longer sells.

Lahey fortrans, they have several versions, go for about the same price.
They also have a limited version for much less and a compiler you can
download for free. The IMSL library is available for

Salford fortran, $900, seems to be about the same as the others in
features, but does not include the IMSL library. I think it is available
for ~$200.

Absoft makes a compiler that includes the IMSL library, ~ $900. It looks
similar to the above.

All of the above support creating mixed code with Fortran and C or C++.
They also create modules that can be called by Visual Basic, but cannot use
Visual Basic modules.

I have not yet had time to look at all the features of the editors and
associated software of these compilers, but am leaning towards Visual
Fortran from Digital, because the I do want the IMSL library so I can run
programs written by others. If anyone has any direct experience with
Digitals Visual Basic I would be very interested.

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