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  • Sports Engineering - a new Journal

    Dear All,

    *****************Sports Engineering*****************

    There is a new journal out called Sports Engineering, published by
    Blackwell Science. Sports Engineering is an international journal
    publishing original papers on the application of engineering and science to
    sport. The journal intends to fill the niche area which lies between
    classical engineering and sports science and aims to bridge the gap between
    the analysis of the equipment and of the athlete. Areas of interest
    include the mechanics and dynamics of sport, the analysis of movement,
    instrumentation, equipment design, surface interaction, materials and
    modelling. These topics may be applied to technology in almost any sport.
    The Journal will be of particular interest to Engineering, Physics,
    Mathematics and Sports Science Departments and will act as a forum where
    research, industry and the sports sector can exchange knowledge and
    innovative ideas.

    More information can be gained from the publisher's web site at

    and by clicking on 'Sports Engineering' in the 'Journals' listing.

    Prospective authors should contact myself to submit papers while
    subscription information can be gained from the publisher's website.

    Many thanks

    Steve Haake
    Sports Engineering

    Dr Steve Haake,
    Sports Engineering Research Group,
    Department of Mechanical Engineering,
    The University of Sheffield,
    Mappin Street,
    Sheffield, S1 3JD,
    United Kingdom.

    Tel (+114) 222 7739
    Fax (+114) 222 7853

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