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    Human Performance Technologies, Inc. is a biomechanics company that
    specializes in the development/sale of functional analysis applications.
    Applications are primarily software, however, include some hardware
    components. In addition to the sale of applications, HPT assists in the
    implementation of clinical biomechanics. Markets for applications include
    sports performance, rehabilitation, work place performance/injury
    evaluation, outsource R&D, and the sale of software components to other

    We are looking for an individual to take on the significant task of
    developing and implementing both a national and international
    sales/marketing campaign as part of an expansive growth phase. In addition
    to the necessary technical, managerial and marketing skills, the individual
    right for this job must have a 'gritty resolve', ambition, drive and the
    ability to produce results. The compensation package (excluding benefits)
    for the first two years will consist entirely of commission, incentives and
    profit sharing.

    BASIC Qualifications:
    At least a BS in engineering (ME or Biomed) with a working knowledge of
    three-dimensional motion analysis, programming/software development and
    applied physiology/systems.

    Experience in sales/marketing... emphasis on a post graduate degree in
    sales/marketing - MBA. Experience in directing or participating in the
    development AND implementation of a comprehensive sales/marketing strategy.

    We are looking for energetic, dynamic, experienced individuals interested in
    having a significant stake in their own future. The right person must be a
    self-starter who has been 'in the trenches', knows what it takes to succeed
    and is ready for the challenge. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF THIS DOES NOT

    Send resumes and all information via email to .
    Confirmation will be sent via email when we have received your information.
    You will only be re-contacted if you are a candidate for the position.

    For more information about HPT, Inc. visit http:\\


    Christian M. Welch
    Human Performance Technologies, Inc.


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