Friday April 28, 1989

Greetings fellow BIOMCH-L subscribers! As a newcomer to this network, I am
interested in being able to send messages to certain individuals, but
currently I do not know how to obtain their BITNET addresses. I would like to
create a list of electronic addresses for those who are willing to
participate. If you like to share your address with other interested
biomechanists, please send me a message indicating your address.
I will compile the list and send a copy to each of you individually. I look
forward to hearing from you.

Also...I would like to pass along the following information which I just
learned about yesterday:

"The deadline for receipt of abstracts for the 1st International Olympic
Committee World Congress on Sport Sciences (to be held October 28 through
November 3, 1989 in Colorado Springs) has been extended from April 15, 1989 to
May 15, 1989. The May 15 deadline, however, is firm. For more information
you should contact Mary Newsom of the U.S. Olympic Committee at (719) 578-

Just in case some of you missed the April 15 deadline (like I did), it is nice
to know that you can still submit abstracts, but you'd better hurry. It
sounds like the conference will be a good one.


Richard N. (Rick) Hinrichs, Ph.D.
Exercise and Sport Research Institute
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ USA 85287-0404