I realize that I was not specific enough about my interest in OCD. I am
interested in a running patient (competitive intercollegiately) who has
had surgery to remove two large 'chunks' of cartilage from her left knee.
She had a bright future in terms of running competitvely until now, and I
was wondering if anyone knew the specifics about rehabilitation - i.e. IF
she can run again competitively, what kind of timeline should she expect
for regeneration of the cartilage, or when can she expect to be 'normal'
again. She has not gotten ample information from her surgeon, basically
because he claims not to know much about OCD. If anyone has any
first-hand experience, knows of any publications, Dr's who may have
expertise in the area, or knows of anything she could/should be doing to
speed up the rehab process, I would appreciate the information. Thank

Lorilynn Hoffman
Graduate Student
Indiana University

P.S. The surgery was 13 months ago, and she can 'power walk' and
stairmaster comfortably, but in running, she says that it just doesn't
feel right.

"Most people run a race to see who is the fastest.
I run a race to see who has the most guts."
-Steve Prefontaine

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