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    Institute of Exercise and Sport Sciences
    University of Copenhagen

    Associate Professorship (alternatively assistant professorship) in
    Biomechanics of the human locomotor system.

    At the Institute of Exercise and Sport Sciences, University of Copenhagen,
    Department of Human Physiology, a position as associate professor
    (alternatively assistant professor) in biomechanics is available as soon as

    Applicants should have documented competence in research in biomechanics and
    functional anatomy of the locomotor system. The appointment is coupled to
    the research group at the Department of Medical Anatomy C, at the Panum
    Institute, Blegdamsvej 3, Copenhagen N. The applicant is expected to
    cooperate in ongoing research with this research group.

    Applicants must be prepared to teach human biomechanics at all levels at the
    institute, and eventually (after 1-2 years) also to take part in the
    teaching of the functional anatomy of the locomotor system for students of
    physical education (sports science) and medicine.

    According to the Ministerial Circular on Job Structure appointment as
    associate professor requires previous experience as that of an assistant
    professor or a similar position, and requires a documented scientific
    production at an international level. Appointment to the position as
    assistant professor requires a Ph.D. or corresponding scientific
    qualifications. The latter position is temporary, limited to 3 years. The
    successful applicant to the assistant professorship must attend a course in
    pedagogy (adjunktpædagogikum.).
    Unless special circumstances apply, the date for the master graduation for
    assistant professors should not exceed 8 years by appointment. If the
    applicant for the position as associate professor has not acquired
    sufficient teaching experience through the appointment as assistant
    professor or acquired corresponding teaching experience, the appointment
    will be made on probation for up to 1½ years.

    Terms of appointment and payment will be made according to a contract as
    agreed between the Ministry of Finance and AC (The Danish Confederation of
    Professional Associations) on Academics in the State. The annual salary is
    dependent on seniority, furthermore, the successful applicant will receive
    an annual pensionable increment of 67.560,- Dkr (associate professor), and
    Dkr 38.842,-, non-pensionable (assistant professor).

    Applications must be in English and include
    - Curriculum Vitae,
    - complete list of publications, with indication of which papers the
    applicant considers particularly relevant,
    - three copies of the selected publications considered particularly
    relevant, together with relevant co-author declarations.
    - documentation of teaching experience and other qualifications.

    The applicant will be notified about the composition of the assessment
    The committee may request supplementary material from applicants, which the
    applicant must then provide.
    The committee may summon the applicants for an interview, and request
    applicants to the associate professorship to give a trial lecture.

    When the assessment committee's report is submitted, each applicant will
    receive the part of the report relating to him/herself.

    Note please, that if the submitted material is wanted to be returned, it
    will be sent C.O.D.

    The assessment will be made as follows: decision on whether there are
    qualified applicants for the assistant professorship will only be taken if
    it has been ascertained that there are no qualified applicants for the
    associate professorship. The applicants must state whether they want to be
    assessed in relation to the associate professorship and/or the assistant

    The application marked 5200 L/38-98 must be formally addressed to the Rector
    of the University of Copenhagen. The original application (and appendices,
    but without selected papers) must be mailed to the Faculty of Science, Øster
    Voldgade 3, DK-1350 Copenhagen K.
    3 copies of the application, including appendices and selected papers must
    be sent to Institute of Exercise and Sport Sciences, Nørre Alle 51, DK-2200
    Copenhagen N, Denmark.

    Further information may be obtained from the Head of Institute Bodil Nielsen
    Johannsen, phone +45 35 32 16 20, fax no +45 35 32 16 00, e-mail:

    The deadline for receipt of application and supplemental material is January
    4, 1999 at 12.00 a.m.


    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++
    Erik B. Simonsen, Associate Professor, M.Sc. Ph.D.
    Institute of Medical Anatomy section C.
    Panum Institute. University of Copenhagen
    Blegdamsvej 3., DK-2200 Copenhagen N
    Phone: +45 35 32 72 30 (work) Fax: +45 35 32 72 17
    Phone: +45 45 80 93 04 (home)
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++

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