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Summary of FEA type models

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  • Summary of FEA type models

    Dear Everyone,

    I am very sorry I have taken so long to reply but here is a summary of the

    The main software suggestions were Viewpoint and Materialise software. Both
    of these types use files which can be translated into IGES files and
    downloaded into cad package as a series of lines/polygons. However, Chris
    Connor of the University of Teeside found them not as accurate as building
    from CT scans.

    Viewpoint, which has a large number of both external and skeletal models,
    was recommended by

    Terry O'Bannon (Lear Corporation, Michigan)
    B.J. Fregly
    Ton van den Bogert

    The website is

    and they have a European office at:

    Viewpoint DataLabs Europe
    Pinewood Studios
    Pinewood Road, Iver
    Buckinghamshire, SL0 0NH
    Tel.+44 (0) 1753 650104
    Fax +44 (0) 1753 654081

    and their US office is apparently in Utah (sorry all I know)
    George Limbert recommended both Viewpoint and Zygote (web address:

    Mark Bliek from Materialise recommended Mimics 6.0 along with complete
    CT-data sets which are available through the Visible Human Project. Materialise
    sell software which can take CT-data sets and convert them into IGES
    entities (points, lines, splines and surfaces). Their website is at
    Evaluation version for 30 days are available. Just download Mimics 6.0 and
    email for passwords.

    Another modelling package recommended was by TECMATH who supply RAMSIS
    software, a 3-D human model for ergonomic analyses. These models consist of
    an internal skeleton and external skin, connected together through
    approximately 1200 skin points. Web page:

    has more information about the RAMSIS software and manikin characteristics.


    Casey J. Pruett 248-952-0463 voice
    Manager of Human Modeling 248-952-0464 fax
    TECMATH of North America, Inc.
    1111 W. Long Lake Rd, Ste. 101
    Troy, MI 48098


    Rosemary Reid
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Loughborough University

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